Apple Watch Repair Cousre

Three Day Course Outline

The goal for this course is to give those who attend the knowledge and tools to repair apple watches. Course tuition for the three days will be $1,250(subject to change for future courses) flights to Utah are best made to Salt Lake City Airport or Provo Airport. estimated cost ($300-$500). Estimated cost of Hotel per Night ($80-$100). The cost of tuition also gets you the tools needed to do the repairs successfully and are yours to keep once the course is over.

Day One:

Glass Repair: Series 1,2,3(38mm & 42mm) 4,5(40mm & 44mm)

  • How to remove screen from frame without damaging display, force touch flex cables etc.

  • How to prep screen for glass separation

  • How to remove glass and techniques to do so

  • How to install new glass

  • How to adhere repaired screen to the watch frame


Digitizer Repair: Series 1,2,3(38mm & 42mm) 4,5(40mm & 44mm)

  • How to test for digitizer defects

  • How to prep screen for digitizer removal

  • How to separate digitizer from the display

  • How to replace digitizer

  • How to adhere repaired screen to the watch frame


Day Two:

A continuation of day one that leads into learning about

NFC’s to Maintain Apple Pay and not have pairing issues,

Battery Replacements, Microphone repairs, Force Touch - how to save or replace, Heart Rate/ External Charging, Frame Damage - how to correct dented frames. 


Day Three:

Marketing and promoting yourself

Profit Margins - Make repairing watches into a successful part of your business or a business in itself.

Workshop to finish repairing any watches brought to the course.

The next course will be held on April 30th-May 2nd(subject to change if needed)

Course will be from 10am-7pm 

Lunch will be provided each day

Details on the hotel will be given after registration.

Course Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.