Frequently asked questions

Do I get a warranty with my repair?

YES! We've got your back. You get a 90 Day Limited Warranty on every repair. This does NOT include water damage or physical damage of any kind. (We recommend getting a good case and screen protector for your device and keeping it nice and dry.)

Is my device still WATERPROOF after my repair?

Excellent question! While no device is truly waterproof (ONLY WATER RESISTANT), once your device receives any sort of physical damage the original water seal is comprimised. This leaves your device more susceptible to water entry and corrosion (damage). Although we do our best to create a new water barrier when we reseal the device, we recommend keeping your device away from water as much as possible. Please note our 90-Day Limited Warrenty does not cover any water damage or physical damage.

Can I mail my device in for a repair? How?

Being one of the few places in the world that can do Apple watch repairs means we get watches in from all over the world every day. You can ship your device to us from almost everywhere. We only ask that you do a few things before you ship it. Find out more on our how-to-ship page. 1. Email us a picture of your watch to Please include the following information: a. Name b. Contact number/email c. Type of device (series/ model) d. Type of repair requested (ie. glass only) e. Return Shipping address. 2. Package your watch well (we recommend lots of bubble wrap) to prevent further damage to the device during shipping. 3. Include a small note in your package with the following information: a. Name b. Contact number and Email c. Return shipping address d. Type of device (series/ model) e. Requested repair (i.e. glass; battery, cable, display, etc.)

How long will my repair take?

Each repair is unique and will require different amounts of time for the repair to be completed. We try our best to do same day repairs (not including Apple iWatches), but sometimes a repair requires a part we must order in (shipping time varies). You are welcome drop off your device anytime before/ once the part arrives. APPLE IWATCH REPAIRS: We work hard to repair as many watches, per day, as we can. People know they can trust our work, so we consistantly get watches mailed in from all over the world every day. Each repair is different and repair times vary. For that reason it is hard to give an accurate time as to when your repair will be complete because each watch repair is different depending on the damage it received. Each repair is done by hand with care and precision. We thank you for your patience and understanding that a great repair job takes time.

How do I pay?

We only charge you upon the completion of your repair. You are welcome to pay in person at any of our store locations, call in a debit/credit payment, or request an invoice via Paypal.