iPhone 7 Plus Repair

Repair Time 15-60 minutes
We have enjoyed repairing the iPhone 7 Plus for over a year now. By now most iPhone 7 Plus's are still working great, but some need to at least replace the battery. If you are using the iPhone 7 Plus and have noticed a substantial drop in daily battery life come in and get a new one installed. If you have cracked your screen we can help you get it back to new. Below is a list of repairs we do on the iPhone 7 Plus including if you are having issues getting the charge port to work.
iPhone 7 Plus Screen Repairs

Premium $149 $129

Value $109 $99


Other iPhone 7 Plus Repairs

• Battery - $49

• Loudspeaker - $49

• Ear Speaker​ - $49

• Front Camera - $49

• Charge Port - $59

• Power/Volume/Mute Buttons - $70

• Back Camera - $99

Audio troubles with your iPhone 7+?  We can fix that!  

If one or more of your speakers of microphones don't work, or if the button to switch to loudspeaker is greyed-out on phone calls, odds are the audio chip on the motherboard is malfunctioning.  Our motherboard tech can replace the chip and restore audio functionality.  Solder jobs like this typically take 3-5 business days to complete.

Price: $149.

*See Glass vs LCD Replacement Tab

**Utah sales tax not included in pricing above.

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