iPhone 5 Repair

Repair Time 15-30minutes
We have enjoyed repairing the iPhone 5 for many years now. By now most iPhone 5's have needed to at least replace the battery once. If you are using the iPhone 5 and have noticed a substantial drop in daily battery life come in and get a new one installed. If you have cracked your screen we can help you get it back to new. Below is a list of repairs we do on the iPhone 5 including if you are having issues getting the charge port to work.
iPhone 5 Screen Repairs

Premium $79 $69

Value $65 $55


Other iPhone 5 Repairs

• Battery - $30

• Loudspeaker - $35

• Ear Speaker​ - $35

• Front Camera - $40

• Charge Port/Headphone Jack - $40

• Back Camera - $40

• Power/Volume/Mute Buttons - $50

*See Glass vs LCD Replacement Tab

**Utah sales tax not included in pricing above.

We price match any local companies.

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