Water Damage Repair

Water Damage Repair
(For Data Recovery)

$99 + tax + Any parts irreparably damaged by water.

We repair water damage devices using the best technology available. We have an industrial grade Ultrasonic Machine that can clean corrosion caused by liquid damage.

Things to do and NOT do when you get it wet.


1. DO NOT USE RICE!!!!!!!!!!!



                   This will cause MORE damage

4. Take out battery(if possible)

5. Take it to a repair shop.


Rice does nothing good for the phone!!!


Fact: Water(Pure H2O) isn't very conductive. It's the minerals in the water (i.e. Electrolytes, salts, fluoride, etc.) that allow a strong electric current to pass through it. Those minerals also create the corrosion that kills electronics.

When rice is used, sure it can eventually extract the water, but it leaves behind the minerals that actually kill the phone. Not only that, it leaves them glued to the components.

If you ever drop your device in a liquid the first thing to do is turn off the device, remove the battery if possible, then take it to the nearest repair shop so that they can open and clean it properly.

The use of a industrial ultrasonic machine comes in very handy during these repairs.

Devices that come in to be repair that are waterlogged, are more likely to come back from the dead than ones placed in rice.

When working on water damaged devices our first goal is to get the phone (Motherboard) or mainboard working. The other parts of the phone (Battery, charge port, camera's, Speakers, etc.) will only be cleaned if the mother board comes back to life.


We are confident enough in our ability to repair liquid damage that we don't charge an up-front labor fee. If we cannot repair your device, you pay nothing for the attempt. 


We estimate the cost of the repair and get your approval before begining. Parts are not included in the price, but most water-damage repairs do not require new parts.

When parts are needed, we will discuss the additional cost with you and get your authorization.

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